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Only you create your own happiness and unhappiness… Nothing can come your way that is not self-produced.

— Pathwork Lecture #60

Upcoming Events

Kick Your Cravings to the Curb

February 13
Charlotesville VA United States

LOVE POWER SERENITY – A Pathwork Workshop

February 20
Ashton MD United States

AWAKE & ALIVE Pathwork Community Weekend

February 27 - February 28

Who Am I? – Helper Training

March 2 - March 6

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We are currently accepting applications for a new Pathwork Transformation Program class which will begin when enrollment reaches our minimum class size.
pathwork transformation program at sevenoaks retreat center, spiritual home of pathworkThe process of entering this Pathwork Transformation Program is a careful discernment process for applicants and our faculty alike. This program serves people of all ages and in many walks of life.

If you discern a Call from within to a deeper spiritual life, we invite you to contact us to begin the process of exploring how this life-changing spiritual and personal development program can serve your soul’s journey.