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NEWS: Board Adopts Sustainable Growth Plan

In a momentous decision that sets the path for Sevenoaks for the next three to five years, the Sevenoaks Board of Trustees unanimously agreed at its July 7th meeting to continue to operate the Sevenoaks Retreat Center and to pursue a plan of sustainable growth as outlined by the Sustainable Growth Committee.

Under this plan, the Board will:

  • Hire a full-time Center Director and a part-time Administrative Assistant
  • Make investments in infrastructure to improve operations and to eliminate backlogged maintenance
  • Adopt strategies to increase occupancy rates to 50% over three years

The Board has created a Sustainability Fund to undertake these activities and MAP members have committed up to $375,000 in loans and contributions to the Fund.

The Board and Sustainability Committee are finalizing a job description and outreach process for the search which is expected to launch in early August.

A more detailed summary of the proposal is below, a special session to discuss the plan will be held August 9th at Sevenoaks Members Weekend and Jamboree, and more details will be forthcoming soon!

Please read more and share the news with friends:

Sevenoaks Sustainable Growth Plan Summary

Sustainable Growth Plan (Full 10-page report)

Board Resolution (Adopted July 7, 2014)

Members' Weekend August 2014